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At Common Room we curate a range of crafts that are suitable for all ages, skill sets and interests. We're constantly looking to increase our offer so keep an eye out for new workshops being released soon.



If you've ever seen bold and beautiful items made from jesmonite in the shops or on socials and fancied them in your home, why not have a go at making your own?

During this workshop, you’ll have fun choosing a colour palette and creating your own pigmented jesmonite that you will crack into chips that form the terrazzo. You will then pour this fascinating material into silicon moulds to form a personalised trinket tray and matching coasters.

Once the jesmonite has set, for the last part of the workshop you will sand and polish to reveal your terrazzo design.

Air Dry Clay 

Unless you’re Grayson Perry most of us don’t have a kiln at home and so this can limit our clay based creativity. Fear not! As the name suggests, this clay dries in the air in around 24 hours. We offer a range of activities with clay including a pocket flower vase and beaded wall hangings to bespoke classes based on your requirements.


Suitable for absolute beginners, this workshop will introduce you to the relaxing and accessible hobby of embroidery. We will guide you step-by-step as you learn to embroider simple stitches you can use to achieve a range of impressive effects.  You'll receive all the materials you need, including a six-inch wooden hoop, pre-printed design on fabric, cotton embroidery threads, needle and scissors.

Hand crafted Bath Treats

Learn how to create a range of handmade home and bath treats using natural botanicals to remind you of Summer in the garden. You willmake a selection of handmade bath and shower treats with natural botanicals, salts and essential oils. 

You’ll enjoy learning about the different properties associated with the natural ingredients and how to combine them to create luxurious products for your bathroom.


Papercraft Quilling 

Popular since the 15th century, paper quilling involves rolling, shaping and gluing strips of colourful paper together to create beautiful decorative pieces of papercraft. You'll learn the basic techniques of this ancient craft and design your own striking picture.  After finishing your papercraft masterpiece, you'll frame it and head home with impressive new skills and your artwork ready to display

Collage Art

Using Matisse-inspired floral designs you’ll create your own framed art. With lots of options to personalise your design to match your decor.


Terrarium Creations

Terrariums look great in the house and depending on what plants you chose to put in yours they don’t need too much light.

Our workshop will guide you through how to build and design your own closed glass terrarium and we’ll include the science behind all the components.


Discover the joy of creating stunning Kokedama plant moss spheres using a variety of plants, moss, and natural materials.

Learn step-by-step techniques, from preparing the base to wrapping and shaping the spheres.
Unleash your creativity as you design unique hanging gardens that bring a touch of nature to any space.
This hands-on workshop will provide you with the skills and knowledge to cultivate and care for your Kokedama creations, adding a fresh and vibrant ambience to your home or office.

Seasonal Crafts

We run a selection of festive workshops such as our fabulous advent calendar decorating class where our customers were able to design their own 25 drawer wooden advent calendars, we also have Christmas decorating and wrapping workshops with an eco-friendly vibe.


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All of our workshops are suitable for team building events, staff wellbeing sessions, away days, birthday parties, hen do's, stag do's bridal showers and social gatherings. 

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